Our Policies

We require a deposit for all reservations. All deposits are NON refundable. The balance for your reservation is due (at minimum) 48 hours prior to your reservation date. Once your balance is paid in full, no refunds are available. However, we do offer an option to reschedule a cancelled reservation (available for one year from cancellation date). After this time your monies will be forfeited.



Credit card information and Texas Driver’s License may need to be verified at the beginning of your reservation.



We do NOT allow smoking in any of our vehicles. There is a $500 fee assessed for smoking in any limousine or corporate vehicle. If smoking occurs, the reservation will be terminated with no refunds available. Upon request, our friendly chauffeurs will be happy to stop and let the passengers out for any smoking breaks.



There will be a $250 clean up fee for any sickness that occurs inside the vehicles.

**Clean up fees will be added as needed for excessive drink spills, food mess, or excessive mud on the carpet.



$10 for each lost or broken glass

$25 for lost or broken decanter



The reserving client is responsible for any damage caused during the reservation time, including  damage caused by anyone in the reserved party.


Overages are common in limousine rentals. The overage amount will be applied to the credit card we have on file for the trip, and a receipt will be sent the following week. Please check with your chauffeur if an overage will occur to make sure that the vehicle is available for the additional time. We charge for overages in 30 minute increments.



Aggieland Limousines is not responsible for any left behind items. Our chauffeurs check the limousines after the final drop to ensure nothing is left behind. If you do lose an item, please call our office and we will check for your belongings.



Aggieland Limousines will not allow any illegal activity at any time during a reservation. If there is alcohol in the limo, all guests must be at least 21 years of age. No smoking of any kind is allowed in the limos. It will be at the discretion of the chauffeur, after making contact with the owner, to terminate a reservation in the event of illegal activities. This includes unruly or belligerent behavior.



If you are 21 years or older, and everyone in the limousine is of legal age, you are welcome to bring any alcohol beverages you would like to have during the reservation.

Aggieland Limousines is not permitted to provide alcoholic beverages to or for our clients. Alcohol is not permitted for any client under the age of 21 years, by law.

**Adhering to these policies will allow us to preserve the quality of our luxury vehicles, and the safety of our clients.

All limousines are stocked with ice, champagne glasses, rocks glasses, and non-alcoholic drinks. Please let us know if you have a beverage preference.